5 Best Boarding Schools in Alaska 2023

Schools in Alaska

Where to send your child to school is one of the most crucial decisions you can make, but you’re not the only one who needs to make that decision.

Many Alaskan parents choose the schools for their kids each year. Remember that every child is unique. As a result, the “best” school for your child might not be the same as for the child of your neighbor.

Are you considering which boarding school to enroll your children in? Are you uncertain or weak in knowledge?

You should read this article. Read this post on the top boarding schools in Alaska for 2023 whether you live there or not and are determining what kind of K–12 education your child will receive there.

Does Alaska Have Boarding Schools?

Native Alaskan boarding schools in the past had detrimental long-term impacts on the state. Despite this, recent years have seen a significant improvement in the caliber and security of schools. Boarding schools are becoming more well-liked among parents in and around Alaska.

The Alaska Department of Education and Early Development is in charge of many Alaskan school districts.

The Nenana Student Housing Center and the Galena Interior Learning Center are two boarding schools that the state partially supports in addition to operating Mt. Edgecumbe High School in Sitka.

There are additional boarding schools close by in the Alaska region.

Here are a few of these boarding schools:

  • Whytecliff Agile Learning Centers, British Columbia
  • Seattle’s Annie Wright Schools
  • Victoria’s Glenlyon Norfolk School
  • Seattle’s Northwest School
  • Victoria’s Brentwood College School

What Is The Price Of Boarding Schools In Alaska?

The state-funded Mt. Edgecumbe High School, Nenana Student Housing Center, and Galena Interior Learning Academy are included in the free public education system in Alaska.

Other boarding schools’ typical tuition fees in close-by cities like Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, and Seattle range from $35,000 to $71,900. The majority of these universities offer financial aid to students depending on their needs despite their high expenses.

What Does It Take To Get Into A Boarding School In The Alaska Area?

In and around Alaska, residential institutions have very comparable admission standards. To prevent delays, it is the applicant’s duty to make sure they have gathered the necessary data before the start of the school’s admissions period.

These prerequisites consist of:

  • Student Declaration
  • The Guardian or Parent Statement
  • At least two letters of recommendation from educators at their current or former institutions.
  • Transcript and grades from the school

Exams for academic subjects like the ACT, SSAT, SAT, or MAP. For applicants in the 11th and 12th grades, this is crucial.

The lack of boarding schools in Alaska hasn’t diminished most parents’ desire to enroll their kids there in any way. This is due to the fact that inhabitants of Alaska have a wide range of possibilities in her neighboring cities, including Seattle, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Victoria.

The distance between these schools is also reasonably close, ranging from 1000 to 2000 miles. So, it is never too far to get home.

The top boarding schools in Alaska and close by are listed below:

1. High school in Mount Edgecumbe

In Alaska, there is only one public boarding school.

Choosing to enroll at Mt. Edgecumbe High School is deciding to join a family for the rest of your life. Instructors and residential staff establish deep bonds with students and support their success. Students are challenged both within and outside of the classroom by the wide variety of fresh experiences provided by the residential program.

The faculty at Edgecumbe High is grateful of the diverse family and cultural backgrounds that each student brings to the school from all across the state, as are the students.

Consider Mt. Edgecumbe if you like challenges, trying new things, interacting with people, and learning from them. Parents and past students from all over the state join an extended family network of Mt. Edgecumbe students.

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2. Galena Internal Learning Academy, second

Galena Interior Learning Academy has been open for many years and is the largest and oldest residential vocational school in Alaska.

Galena is the school of choice for Alaskan high school students seeking a unique educational experience to be best prepared for college and/or a career.

At the accredited Galena Academy, any high school student in Alaska has the opportunity to obtain qualifications that are recognized by the industry. They did this by hiring instructors from disciplines like drone operation, applied mechanics, the building trades, health sciences, journalism, and information technology.

There is no tuition because this is a public vocational school.

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3. Glenlyon School in Norfolk

This private school is located in Victoria, British Columbia, fewer than 1,500 miles from Alaska.

The Glenlyon Norfolk School is proud of its distinctive “IB Competitive edge”: a 21st-century strategy that encourages students to think globally. Glenlyon Norfolk School is one of only 8% of International Baccalaureate (IB) schools in Canada authorized to offer the full spectrum of IB programs. Glenlyon offers boarding options for students who don’t reside in Victoria, such as students from Alaska.

The tuition for residential students ranges from $55,065 to $56,545 for international candidates and from $42,445 to $43,930 for residents of British Columbia.

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4. The Northwest Institute

The Northwest School is a prestigious private boarding school located near Seattle. A 42-hour journey through Yukon Territory or a 3-hour, 11-minute fly from Alaska are the only other options.

It has 452 students in grades 6 through 12 and a student-teacher ratio of 7 to 1. The highest grade offered has a tuition cost of $67,190 and an average financial assistance package of $29,202.

It gave The Northwest School pupils a taste of the exciting chemistry that exists between academic disciplines and the arts. Students come to see how interrelated every aspect of life is in the real world. The bigger picture becomes more obvious. Fewer distinct subjects are covered in class, and more dynamic, connected ideas and concepts are.

For boarding students, the average tuition is $49765. The extracurricular activities that the students choose to participate in will determine some costs, while others are required for all students.

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5. Private Bodwell High School

Bodwell has created an engaging curriculum for students in grades 8 through 12 for both boys and girls at a beautiful beachfront location in the municipality of North Vancouver.

Almost 40 different countries are represented within the student body, which is a great representation for Alaskan students as it is only a 6-hour flight away. This gives kids the ability to share knowledge and grow into well-rounded, respectful, and responsible members of a global community.

In addition to a comprehensive youth development program based on the Life Skills Development Curriculum, supervision, expert guidance, study hall, opportunities for leadership and service, shared housing (3–4 students/room), daily buffet breakfast and dinner, set lunch, after-school snack, bedding and linens, and laundry facilities, Bodwell offers a sizeable amount of $52,225 (CAD) for two semesters as tuition.

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