Why Study In France : Easy Guide

You might be looking for the best place to study. Well, your search is over because I know the best place for you to study. Guess what? That place is France.

I know some persons reading this article might doubt, because France is not as popular as Canada when it comes to education, but with these reasons I am about to give will surely change your mind on where to study. Follow me as we go through these reasons.

  • France is a really good place to study abroad due to it’s rich culture, architecture and it’s also developed in such a way that student life can thrive.
  • Studying in France also makes you able to learn their language and also gain cultural perspective which is also important.
  • Studying in another country automatically attaches value to your degree, because if you go to apply for a job the  chances are high of the getting the job. Your employers might think you are qualified because you have stepped out of your comfort zone.
  • The tuition fees are affordable and attractive.
  • The quality of education in France is really excellent.
  • There are also countless opportunities one could encounter during one’s stay in France.
  • There are also mind blowing research facilities found there.
  • Since the economy of France is rising quickly, the degree you will eventually get from there will be valued around the world.

We’ve looked at some reasons why you should study in France. If the reasons given above doesn’t convince you, it’s better you read the comments of people who have gone there to study.

It’s interesting to study in an elite school. The studying climate is very inspiring and the students are highly motivated. Most of the professors are interested in you as a person, and will always support you in other to achieve your goal.



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Earlier in this blog I mentioned the cheap tuition rates of French universities. Let’s now see the various tuition rates of various degree programs below. The new tuition fees for new students starting September 2021 are:

$2770/year for Bachelors (License) Program

$3770/year for Master’s Program.

$380/year for Doctorate (PhD) Programs. The same amount as for Europeans.

Also, some might be asking if there’s anything like scholarships for international students. Well, ask no more; because there are various scholarships in French universities which are available to international students.

Now, let’s get to the most important question. Can I study in France for free? The answer is a big yes. Studying in France for free are for only citizens and also if you’re a resident of the country of the EEA

(European Economic Area). The EEA includes every country of the EU (European Union).


Why study in France?

According to students reporting on what it was like to study in France, the country offers a great multicultural study experience, bringing together cultures from all over the world. Students appreciate the beautiful, developed cities and the great variety of social life available.

Impressions about French culture and city life were overall more positive than the European average. Even the smaller cities offered opportunities for fun student activities.

Students were also pleased with the close proximity to other European countries and major cities, commenting on opportunities to explore the country and its surroundings.

Reviewers seem pleased with the events organized by universities in France and the friends they made during their international study experience. Students rarely complain about the weather in France, considering it better than in many other parts of Europe.

“A semester in Paris and particularly in Sorbonne was a breath-taking experience for me. First, the city of Paris invited me to try thousands of adventures. Every minute there was a discovery. Being a student in Paris is a great advantage as you can visit museums, events, cinema and more, with discounts.

Secondly, Sorbonne has an open-minded yet classical spirit: I enjoyed the lectures and library a lot. Thirdly, in Paris and in Sorbonne you can meet interesting people.

“Tours is a great city: it is perfect for a students’ life and it is also very safe for young people. It is not very big, but it is very pretty: you can easily make new friends and enjoy your weekend with lots of French people and Erasmus students like you.” – student from Italy

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