UC Berkeley MasterCard Scholarship for African Students

UC Berkeley MasterCard Scholarship

The UC Berkeley MasterCard Scholarship aims to develop a group of moral, aspirational, and motivated young leaders who will drive socioeconomic change in Africa.

With a current commitment of over USD $1.2 billion to support more than 40,000 young people in their pursuit of education and leadership development, the Scholars Program is a growing commitment.

A cooperative, multinational network of educational institutions and non-profit organizations that support the notion that education is a driving force behind social and economic growth has been formed by the University of California, Berkeley and The Mastercard Foundation.


Between 2012 and 2020, the program housed at the Center for African Studies at UC Berkeley supported over 120 master’s and undergraduate students. Ph.D. candidates are not accepted into this program. Almost 108 master’s degree students will benefit from the program at UC Berkeley through the year 2030.

To be eligible for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, those interested in master’s degrees must first apply to the university using the usual admissions procedure. If they are qualified, students will be contacted by the program after submitting an application for admission to a degree program with an invitation to apply for the scholarship.

Level and Study Subject

Only postgraduate studies are eligible for the UC Berkeley MasterCard Scholarship. The award is not available to undergraduates.

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Hosting Country

The University of California is offering this grant to graduate students. One of the top universities in the globe is the University of California.

Citizenship in a Sub-Saharan African country: This category includes Africans who are displaced or refugees on the African continent. The scholarship winners are not from nations in North Africa. Dual citizens, asylees, refugees, and anyone with permanent residency status in the US, Canada, the UK, or the EU are not eligible.

Academic ability: All potential Scholars must first be accepted into a master’s degree at UC Berkeley in order to be eligible for the Scholarship. One of the main requirements for admission to the university is demonstrable academic excellence.

Possessing leadership potential: The Program seeks individuals committed to gaining the skills and viewpoints required for transformative leadership, or the kind of leadership that engages others in a morally responsible way to effect long-lasting change.

This scholarship is designed for extraordinarily talented individuals who might not otherwise be able to pursue high-quality postsecondary education because of their low socioeconomic status.

After demonstrating your commitment to give back to your community, country, or continent: Students who are well-rounded and active outside of the classroom are what we are looking for. Other social, economic, and political topics that you are working on and are important to you might be included in this, some of which might be directly connected to your area of study. Applicants should be more specific about their accomplishments both in their UC Berkeley application and later in their scholarship application.

We are looking for people who will take use of their education at UC Berkeley to better prepare themselves with the knowledge and skills to solve these issues when they return. You have declared your goal and desire to return home when you have finished your studies. These kids ought to be passionate about and interested in issues affecting their communities. Even though significant work can be done from abroad, the Program’s goal is to enable Scholars to return home after forging important professional connections through internships, academic training, and job placements.

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The UC Berkeley MasterCard Scholarship application process

The URL is below, and qualified candidates should use it to apply.

Please be aware, though, thatUC Berkeley MasterCard Scholarship

Candidates pursuing a master’s degree must first apply to a graduate program before being considered for the Mastercard Foundations Scholars Program. Not all degree programs are acceptable. Here is a list of master’s degree programs.

Applicants should thoroughly assess the prerequisites for each graduate degree program that they are eligible for (link is external). Also, the Graduate Division offers thorough information on the admissions process for international students (link is external). You should speak with the specific graduate program directly to find out more about the prerequisites for admission.

Although UC Berkeley’s Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program does not accept applications from undergraduate students, they are nevertheless encouraged to do so. You may find additional information about the undergraduate application process on the Undergraduate Admissions page. Other partners in the Scholars Program are looking for students.

Scholarship Prize

The Scholarship has complete funding. MBA students must apply for Haas Business School scholarships in order to receive additional funding, which requires meeting the Round One or Round Two application deadline.

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