The best tourist country in the worlD 2023

The best tourist country in the world 2023


Tourism is the most amazing thing that makes life beautiful and enjoyable. They are a great tourist country, many people want to explore. Beautiful scenery outside. This article will help you choose the best travel zone.


1. Poland


Everything you need to know about how Poland is good forĀ  and tourism.


Capital: Warsaw

population: 37.95 million

Annual visit: 19.6 million


What attracts people to the floor?

Many uninhabited European tourists from Spain, France, Germany and Italy turn to Poland for its rich history (including rich Jewish heritage), a collection of medieval castles, unspoiled nature and fine cuisine. you haven’t tried pierogis, you haven’t lived life). That is why it is considered the best tourist zone.

It also has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Central-Eastern Europe – 15 cultural and one natural.

The Police Tourism Department said that 85 percent of visitors surveyed when leaving the country would recommend it and return.

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Places and things to see and see in Poland:

aeschwitz birkenau, UNESCO world heritage site, former Nazi concentration and extermination camp, terrible but must be seen in person.


The museum recounts the horrors of the camp while honoring the lives of those who died – a total of more than 1.1 million men, women and children.


2. Canada: Canada is another beautiful country that we love to visit to explore and make the most of it


Everything you need to know about Canada?

population: 38.01 million


annual visit: 21.1 million


what brings people to Canada So many people want to know what they bring to Canada. Then proceed with this caution.


Canada’s tourism industry is so large that it contributed $33.9 billion to the country’s GDP in the first nine months of 2018 alone. most visitors come from the neighboring United States, followed by China and England, which has recently fallen from its long-standing record. 2 positions


Two thirds of those who come to the country of 3.8 million square kilometers come through Ontario, the Canadian side of Niagara Falls and the booming metropolis of Toronto. Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal are popular big cities, as are resort towns like Banff, home to one of Canada’s most beautiful national parks.


More adventurous travelers explore the vast nature of our country in places like Churchill, the home of polar bears and beluga whales; Newfoundland, home to stunning fjords, icebergs and glaciers; and the Okanagan Valley, Canada’s answer to napa with rolling vineyards and fine wines.


Things to do in Canada:


Niagara Falls is one of the seven wonders of the world for a reason.


The Canadian side faces the waterfall, which represents a height of 3,000 meters, the width can only be understood when seen up close.


3. Portugal: Does anyone have a tour around? Let’s find out



population: 10.31 million


annual visit: 22.8 million


what brings people to portugal


Picture of Adrian Seliga / Getty

The southern and central location of Portugal has contributed to its leadership in the development of European tourism. (Other fast-growing countries include Spain, Italy, Greece, India, and Croatia.)


the development is not accidental. In 2017, the country launched a 10-year tourism plan with the goal of doubling tourism revenue by 2027, and it’s still underway. Many travelers make their way to Portugal’s unspoilt beaches, historic castles and Lisbon, the country’s sophisticated urban center. safer to download than many other European countries.


Portugal is also at the top of the list of European countries.


Things to do:


Ursa Beach is a hidden gem among many Portuguese beaches.


Surrounded by limestone cliffs, it offers beauty and natural beauty in equal measure. So after a lot of research, we found that Portugal is the best destination for tourism.


4. Russia


Everything you need to know about Russia


Capital: Moscow


population: 144.1 million


annual visit: 24.5 million


what brings people to Russia


Many forces have joined forces to make Russia more popular among tourists.


First, Central and Eastern Europe saw a 5 percent increase in total tourism last year.


In addition, the Russian Federation saw double-digit growth in tourism spending and a 10 percent increase in tourist arrivals after the country hosted the 2018 FIFA World Cup.


As a result, the number of Chinese tourists in the country increased after the change in visa regulations. (By July 2019, 53 additional countries will use the new eVisa online application, with further growth expected in the coming months.)


Where to start in this incredible country of 6.6 million square kilometers? Moscow and St. Petersburg is certainly a good place to start, or you’d be wiser to explore lesser-known gems like the old town of Sezdal. ride on the Trans-Siberian double-decker train is also a must.


Things to do?


Catherine Palace, the summer palace, was the summer residence of the Russian tsars, and as you might expect, it was quite open. More than 220 pounds of gold decorate the exterior, and the interior features extensive frescoes, staircases, and magnificent statues.


high mansion south of the road. Petersburg.


5. Malaysia


What should I know about Malaysia?


Capital: Kuala Lumpur


population: 32.37 million


annual visit: 25.8 million


what brings people to Malaysia


four Southeast Asian countries ranked 15th in the list of most visited destinations in 2018. Malaysia is famous for its natural beauty (many rainforests, national parks and wildlife) and 68 to 86 tropical temples. level throughout the year.


Most of those who come to Malaysia come from Asia. The country’s 2020 tourism plan aims to see 30 million tourists by the end of the decade.


A must see in Malaysia


rock cave in kuala lumpur not only has a fascinating cave but also a century old hindu temple.


The temple is accessible via a colorful rainbow staircase which is a popular tourist spot.



6. Hong Kong

Hong Kong



population: 7,482 million


annual visit: 29.2 million



what brings people to Hong Kong


Hong Kong’s political changes have kept visitors away, but it remains one of the world’s most visited destinations due to its popularity among business travelers. The opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge to connect the Great Gulf has boosted Hong Kong’s tourism industry, with Asian tourists choosing to come by car.


Whether traveling for leisure or business, most tourists visit Hong Kong for its rich shopping malls and high-end restaurants.


With this, you can rate the country that best suits your travel experience

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