Senior Physiologist Clinical Supervisor Needed at South Metro Health Australia 2023

Senior Physiologist Clinical Supervisor Needed at South Metro Health Australia



job description:,

Metro South Health is Australia’s first digital health service and Queensnd’s largest, serving almost a million people, or 23 per cent of Queensland’s population

  1. This is an opportunity to join the Metro South Health team of professionals and be part of a world-class, dynamic and growing healthcare service that utilizes excellent technology, healthcare excellence, teaching, research and excellence. to serve our community.


About the role


This includes the implementation and monitoring of operational activities, as well as professional management and capacity building for voluntary support service teams in Queensland.

Use a high level of independent professional judgment in the assessment and care planning of complex patients.

Demonstrate high-level clinical leadership and mentoring support to solve urgent and complex clinical problems.

Lead the development, implementation and evaluation of a high level of independence of psychological training (including participation in the community of practice for QVAD practitioners) in accordance with accepted professional practice, legal and ethical requirements.

Learn more about roles and how to use them in the attached role description. Responsibilities of the Physiologist:

Observe human body movements and track individual body system functions in different environments.

Monitor patients during exercise or cardiopulmonary diagnostic tests and record observations.

Learn the structure of cells and the function of organ systems in plants, animals, and humans.

Conduct experiments to determine the effects of internal and external environmental factors.

Learn about the glands and their relationship to body functions.

Maintenance and operation of medical equipment and devices.

Study and treat the effects of dangerous natural processes such as animal bites, plant poisons, and poisons.

Work to heal victims of nuclear and natural disasters.

Identification of materials requiring identification of agents and spread of symptoms.


Clinical physiologists work with physicians to diagnose, treat, and anticipate a variety of health problems and injuries. What clinical physiologists do every day is a factor of their training, specialization, and workplace. All of these can be used directly with patients, but some conditions can also be treated, diagnosed, and studied. This field is huge and there are many opportunities for different jobs.


A clinical physiologist is a medical professional who works closely with the physical sciences but is usually not a doctor or physician. Physiologists often attend specialized degree programs at the master’s level instead of going to medical school. They often specialize in certain areas. Physiology, neurophysiology, and respiratory physiology are many areas of practice.


A clinical physiologist is a medical professional who works closely with the physical sciences.


Physiology, like most medical sciences, depends on extensive research. Some graduates will undoubtedly spend their days understanding the science behind improving outpatient procedures, developing new drugs for specific injuries or recurring illnesses, or improving prosthetic technology. Students usually choose a clinical or research track at the beginning of their physiology curriculum. A clinical physiologist will spend more time with patients than in the hospital.

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Our ICARE² values ​​of integrity, compassion, responsibility, respect, engagement and excellence shape our culture at Metro South Healthcare. Our values ​​inform the decisions we make every day and are essential to how we conduct ourselves as a healthcare service, conduct ourselves and care for the many patients who walk through our doors every day.


We offer rewarding career opportunities in various clinical and non-clinical areas of our healthcare service and pride ourselves on Sunan Gunung Djati for providing a safe, rewarding, flexible and healthy work-life balance.


As an employee of Metro Ssenior-physiologist-clinical-supervisor-needed-at-south-metro-health-australiaelatan, competitive wages up to 12.75%, higher than usual, employer contributions, access to salary package, flexible work schedule and annual increase.


These are the employment requirements< for workers who have been vaccinated agency.


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