New American University Scholarship at Arizona State University

New American University Scholarship

For students vying to attend Arizona State University, the New American University Scholarship 2023 is a merit scholarship offered by the university. The opportunity to start changing the world while you’re still in school comes with being a New American University Scholar in addition to financial help.

If you are given a merit scholarship from Arizona State University, the cost of your college education will be fully or partially covered. In order to make the most of this chance, it’s imperative that you comprehend what you must do to maintain your scholarship. If you ever have trouble meeting the requirements for renewal, the university has resources that can help you get back on track.

Study Level and Field

The New American University Scholarship is intended for college freshmen and high school students who want to attend Arizona State University to study.

Nation of the host

Arizona State University is pleased to host the New American University Scholarship for students who wish to attend the university.

The requirements for the New American University Scholarship

  • The only students eligible for ASU merit scholarships are first-year students who enroll at the university in the semester following their high school graduation. If you enroll at another university after high school graduation for anything other than summer courses, you will no longer be qualified for the merit scholarship.
  • New American University scholarships are available to on-campus students who are enrolled full-time in iCourses and ASU Sync. They are not allowed to be used by ASU Online students.
  • You must provide documentation proving your legal status as it is understood by Arizona law in order to be eligible for your New American University scholarship.

The New American University Renewal Scholarship Guide

  • Begins the semester after your admission to ASU. If you do not enroll at ASU during that semester and do not have a deferment that has been approved, you forfeit any remaining semesters of your scholarship.
  • Awarded for the whole academic year, renewable for first-year students for up to eight semesters overall, and transfers for up to four semesters. Merit scholarships are not available for summer classes.
  • Is only paid out if you enroll in 12 ASU credits in both the fall and spring semesters.
  • Is void if you do not have a minimum of 12 credits enrolled in either the autumn or spring semesters (forfeited semesters will still be counted as a part of your eight consecutive semesters of scholarship eligibility). Students who will miss classes must apply for a deferment in advance in order to maintain their scholarship eligibility.
  • Are made up of departmental, academic, and private scholarships.
  • Students enrolled full-time on campus in iCourses and ASU Sync are eligible to use this program. International students must maintain compliance with their visa requirements in order to renew their scholarship.
  • Several New American University scholarships are not awarded to the same student by ASU. If you are eligible for a higher New American University scholarship and ASU applies it, the higher award amount will be applied.
  • You must abide by Arizona law and present documentation of your legal status in order to be eligible for your New American University scholarship.
  • The value of the scholarships will be changed to reflect any classification changes for residency or tuition.

The New American University Scholarship has an expiration date.

Since the scholarship is only available during the period when admission is permitted, there is no set deadline. Following the end of admission, the New American University Scholarship application window closes.

The New American University Scholarship application process

ASU analyzes you for merit-based scholarships after you have been admitted to the university. If you haven’t already, send your undergraduate admission application and accompanying materials to ASU (official transcripts, test scores, and application fee). You should keep in mind that each scholarship has a unique priority date.

Award for Scholarships

  • Accepted candidates will be immediately eligible for ASU merit scholarships through May 1.
  • Scholarships for New American University are awarded based on the information you supplied in your application and are distributed at the time of admission. We don’t recalculate academic information for scholarships after enrollment.
  • ASU merit scholarships are awarded based on a mix of your high school core competency GPA, the quantity of those skills you have accomplished or are working toward, and the degree program, residency, and campus that you are admitted to. You are not have to have a certain ACT or SAT score to be eligible for an award. A scholarship adjustment can be required because the degree program, residency, or campus have changed.
  • You can submit your test results for assessment, and in some cases, they might lead to increased scholarship awards. ASU must receive your test results by May 1 in order to consider them.
  • If you receive an ASU New American University scholarship, whatever money you have earned through RaiseMe micro-scholarships will be added to your overall scholarship from the university. They don’t raise the merit scholarship’s award amount.
  • The value of your scholarship may vary depending on the campus you are attending. The scholarship amount may need to be changed if the curriculum, residency criteria, or campus are modified.

Program for Qualified Tuition Reduction (QTR)

If you receive both a merit scholarship and a tuition discount, the merit scholarship’s value cannot exceed the price of your tuition after the discount is taken into account. Students have access to a number of scholarships designed to cover base tuition, but no grant can exceed their tuition.

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