You can see above again to check if you are eligible to apply and if the Flemish institution of your choice participates in the Master Mind Scholarships. An eligible candidate can successfully apply if:(1) The applicant submits his/her application to the Host institution. Internal deadlines set by the Host institution may differ(2) The Host institution accepts the application of the candidate.

(3) The Host institution starts the application procedure for the Master Mind scholarship by creating the candidate’s application file in the Mobility-Online tool.

(4) The applicant receives an email generated by the Mobility-Online tool notifying him/her of being pre selected for a Master Mind scholarship.

(5) The applicant registers in the Mobility-Online tool and completes his/her application file in the Mobility-Online tool before the deadline.

(6) The Host institution validates and submits the completed application file in the Mobility Online tool before the deadline of midnight 30th April 2021 GMT+1. Applications validated submitted after midnight 30th April 2021 GMT+1 will not be accepted.

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