BONUS up to $3,000 for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Nurse Aide, Resident Aide, Caregiver

BONUS up to $3,000 for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Nurse Aide, Resident Aide, Caregiver


What is expected from the Certified Assistant Nurse:


circumstances, unusual events or accidents to the Assistant Head Resident / Supervisor.
Reports and documents, changes in resident status or updates to applicable document types.
Facilitates the migration of citizens, transition and / or flow.
Provide emotional support to residents and their families as needed.
Help set up and clean the dining room
Provide food assistance for resident needs and Service Plans.
Provide food and drink according to the plan of the association and according to the wishes of the residents.
Maintain general supervision of common areas and residences as and when needed.
Properly manage dirty and clean laundry (wash, dry, fold or hang) and return to residents. Separate the dirty laundry area from the clean laundry area and laundry area.
Provide support to maintain various records as specified.
Report at the end of a scheduled shift and receive a report at the beginning of a shift.
Participate in fire and disaster drills. Performs assigned duties to ensure the safety of residents and staff in the event of an emergency.
Demonstrate knowledge and skills in the implementation of all components of the emergency plan.
According to the guidelines of the employee handbook, etiquette, dress code, and assigned work schedule and duties.
Participate in continuing education as needed
Other liabilities
Resident Assistant – Nursing Assistant (CNA) Nursing Assistant, Resident Assistant, Caretaker
• Ethics – a certified nurse must fulfill obligations; inspires confidence in others; walk with integrity; upholds organizational values.
• Dependency – A certified nurse must respond to management direction; results-oriented and committed to achieving goals and objectives; plan ahead but be flexible when needed.
• A certified nurse must involve in Teamwork and collaboration – demonstrate objectivity and openness to others’ views; giving and receiving feedback; contribute to creating a positive team spirit; effective communication.
• Professionalism – a certified nurse should treat others with courtesy; act well under pressure; treat others with respect and consideration; accept responsibility for their actions.
• Quality – a certified nurse is expected to be looking for ways to improve and improve quality; demonstrate accuracy and detail; responds to productive change.
• Service – a certified nurse must Demonstrating excellence in prioritizing safety services, compassionate care, kindness and efficiency.


Physical needs
Resident Assistant – Nursing Assistant (CNA) Nursing Assistant, Resident Assistant, Caretaker
1. Listen / Speak: The certified nurse should Communicate effectively with residents and team members
2. Standing: 90% of working days
3. sitting: 30% of the working day
4. Walking: 80% of working days
5. Climbing: 10% of the working day
6. push / pull: 25% working days
7. Bending / Stooping: 50% of the working day
8. Raising: 20% of working days; Up to 50 liters. independently, up to 200 liters. with
Please help
* Bonus is paid quarterly if certain conditions are met.


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The statement above represents the general duties considered necessary to determine the specific duties of the position and is not intended to be a complete description of all job requirements that may be specific to the position.

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