A Marketing Consultant – Junior Needed In Canada

CTC007321 – Marketing Consultant – Junior

Secteur industriel: Telecommunications
Type d’emploi: Contract
Durée: One year
Mode de travail: Mixed



Bilingual candidates needed

All provinces as long as there is an office.

3 days minimum in office

As a Marketing Consultant – Junior, your primary responsibility will be to assist senior marketing professionals in developing and implementing marketing campaigns. You will work closely with clients to understand their business goals, target audience, and market trends. Your tasks may include conducting market research, analyzing data, identifying consumer insights, and assisting in the creation of marketing plans. Additionally, you may be involved in digital marketing activities, such as managing social media accounts, content creation, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Typical days in this position. Proofreading communications aimed at customers, working cross-functionally with various teams to comprehend communication needs, drafting communications of various types (small SMS campaigns), and taking full responsibility for the entire process of developing and delivering effective communications aimed at customers. writing creative briefs, reviewing project proposals, and providing criticism.

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A Marketing Consultant - Junior Needed

Top 3 skill sets and credentials

  • careful consideration,
  • language and grammar proficiency (must be able to spot spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors);
  • Multitasker who is not intimidated by tedious job

Projects you’ll be working on include direct mail, email, and other customer-facing communications.

  • The management of marketing materials, such as products, brochures, newsletters, internet media, and campaigns, falls under this responsibility.
  • oversee all communication strategies and offer support for marketing portfolios.
  • Update marketing brochures with content.
  • Encourage innovative efforts to achieve and surpass operational goals

Qualifications include:

University degree or Certificate;

demonstrated marketing expertise, creating promotional materials, creating marketing strategies, contributing original ideas, and carrying out marketing initiatives.

An outstanding editor, proofreader, and writer who pays close attention to detail

speaks and writes English and French with ease.


To create comprehensive marketing plans, work with top marketing experts.

Analyze industry trends, rivals, and consumer behavior through market research.

help in developing marketing strategies that are suited to the goals and target market of businesses.

Create reports and perform data analysis to assess the success of marketing initiatives.

assist in creating engaging content for numerous marketing channels.

help with scheduling content and participation on social media networks, as well as platform management and optimization.

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